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Hey there! Nice of you to click by. Wondering what we're all about? Clothes of course! At Click For Clothes, we sell absolutely brand new items that are handpicked especially to slake your (insatiable) thirst for clothes. We too are meticulous shoppers just like you, so you can be sure that the items are well worth your money. So go ahead, Click For Clothes!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A mini update to entice the tastebuds for the main course coming soon.

Many Black

Many: Wear it as a scarf or button the back to wear it in its true nature i.e. a vest :). Pulling this over a basic baby-t and jeans will instantly turn a plain-jane look into a fashionista about town. Button the front or leave it hanging loose at the sides for that edgy style. Lay it thick around the neck or pull it outwards towards the shoulders. *phew* Many! Need we say more?

Yours for only: RM29
Colour : Black
Size: Free
Status: SOLD OUT *not-restockable*

Blue Dorothy

Basic flats in a funky shade of blue. These blue not-quite-suede shoes is brought in especiallyfor you from the land down under! Extremely comfortable (we own a pair ourselves and practically live in it) and is a real steal @ only RM35.

Yours for only: RM35
Size : 35 (sold) & 36
Colour: Blue

Click For Clothes

Something ever girl needs in her closet. The essential collared shirt. This one comes with extra details on the sleeves & bust area and a belt! yeay! Diggin' the grey pinstripes. Perfect for that important year-end presentation or the daily clock-ins from 9 to 5

Yours for: RM49.00

Size: S (sold), M (sold), L -available

Colour: Grey Pinstripes

Yum Pops

For the candy loving girls, this one is will surely satisfy your sweet tooth for yummy colours on a basic halter top. Comes in 7 delish colours, this halter is so versatile; can be worn for the weekly chit-chat sessions with the girls when paired with shorts; pull up a pair of skinnys or tights and you're ready to roll for a good night out. Heck, wear it under a blazer or cardi and you're all set for work/uni. You can also jazz it up with a pretty clincher. hoo-rah! **Colours are brighter and more striking in real life.

Zooming in on Royal Blue....

View of the ruched sides in Ruby Red (that isn't in the collage above :p) **red is richer in real life

Yours for (only!): RM29.00

Size: Free (best fit for UK4-UK8)

Colours: Olive Green, Spunky Yellow, Bubblegum Pink, Royal Blue (sold), Midnight Black (sold), Angel White (sold) , Ruby Red (sold)

Click For Clothes *ppsstt: more coming your way very soon :) stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All Occasions

An update suitable for all occasions :) yeay!

Laid Back Lily.

Slightly bubble-ish at the bottom, this 2 tone dress is a go for casual and smart casual affairs. Movie night with the girls or first date, maybe?

The upper half is slinky shiny while the bottom is finished off with thin light brown stripes. Complete with loopholes on the upperwaist for a thin belt to give it that extra OompH!

Bonus! The dress comes with the belt as shown below.

Also available in Yellow and Black.

Yours for: RM 43.00
Size: Free Size (best fit UK 6-10)
Colours: White (SOLD), Yellow, Black

Swaying Bella.Thick and flowy, swishy and swayish. We say,wedding dinners and birthday parties! Come to think of it, Christmas parties are just around the corner too!

The material is great . Heavy but cooling , smooth and flowy. Kinda makes you wanna twirl an twirl just to see the dress swish and sway :P

From the back.

Yours for: RM38.00
Size: Free Size (best fit UK 6-10)
Colours: Green , White
** brooch and necklace not included

Seriously Chic.

Love the look of this top. A winning combo of Uber Stylish and Career Chick.

Layering in the middle is sewn to the collar and is secured with seams at the bottom of the top as well. So no worries about it flapping around uncontrollably :)

Wrist button gives the sleeves a prettier structure.

Comes with jewelled-head belt.

Yours for: RM38.00
Size: S & M
Colours: Light Gold (SOLD OUT!) & Icy Grey

Click For Clothes.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our First Review!

French Kiss was featured by!!

Stay tuned!

Click For Clothes

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Maiden Voyage

Sunset Breeze.
Oooh. Can't resist this floral halter number. Perfect for our sunny weather and for that much awaited beach holiday!

View number two.

Smocked polka dot bust and follows through with big bold flowers. Thick and heavy material lets the dress hang perfectly. Thick horizontal bleed borders the hemline.

The back.

Say serenade me!

Yours for: RM43.00
Size: Free Size (best fit UK 6-10)
Colours: Mustard Yellow, Olive Green (sold), Strawberry Red
Cameo Back.
Lo and behold. A plain sleeveless top. Or is it? Let us break it down to you, part by part. 1.Gorgeous layering below the bust area.

2. Intricate lace details on the shoulders.

3. The highlight: An eye-poppingly gorgeous back design. A must have, this one is.

Made of smooth stretchy jersey material that comes in two classis colours.

Yours for : RM30.00
Size: Free Size (best fit UK 4-bigger 8)
Colours: Deep Purple & Black (sold)
French Kiss.
Satin-y, lacey and oh-so-lovely! This top oozes with sweet versatility. Great for everyday wear when paired with tights and spiced up with a waist clincher; but tuck it into a pair of sleek black trousers and a blazer, voila! you're ready for work.

Gorgeous satin material teamed with a 'lil lace along the shoulders and cute rectangular buttons .The lucky petites could wear this as a dress too. Gotta love the tiny details on the hemline.

Grab it in these pretty colours.
*the turquoise is more sea green than what it may appear on your screen.

Yours for RM40.00
Size: Free Size (best fit UK6-10)
Colours: Lilac, Turquoise, Grey, Black

:) Till next time.......